The work we do is fueled by generosity, in the form of donations and volunteering. Learn more below.


1. Make a Donation


What You'll Be Supporting

We tackle environmental preservation from a number of angles: We educate the public about sustainable dining options with resources and lifestyle guides, and we assist foodservice operators in gaining Guaranteed Green certification. By increasing the availability and accessibility of environmentally responsible goods, services and foodstuffs to the Chicago foodservice community, we continue to reduce Chicago’s foodservice industry’s collective environmental footprint.

The Immense Impact You Can Have

Whether you're an individual or business supporter, corporate partner, foodservice member, or Guaranteed Green foodservice member, your contribution will directly support our mission of conservation by enabling us to grow our programs and outreach such as the Guaranteed Green dining guide, sustainable food education, and Guaranteed Green sustainability assistance programs.



2. Volunteer With Us


Want to support our mission in other ways? Next Bites is always looking for volunteers at events, help in the office, or even a second opinion interview. If you’re interested, connect with us. Foodservice sustainability is a mission for all!

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