FORK: Foodservice Organization Resources Kit

To make it as easy as possible for you to make more sustainable choices, we offer FORK: The Foodservice Organization Resources Kit, giving restaurants, caterers and other foodservice businesses a guide to sustainable operations and directory of environmentally preferable foodservice products and related services.

The kit covers various operations and purchasing categories from sustainable food, to waste management, energy and water conservation, and responsible printing, and lists direct points of contact to help make your shift toward sustainability as smooth possible.


Next Bites Sustainable Food Guide

From restaurants to farmer’s markets to grocery store shelves, there are more sustainable food options than ever—giving consumers more brands to consider and more labels to read.

We want it to be easy to find genuinely sustainable food products. That’s why we’ve created a best practices guide on truly sustainable labels, best choices and alternatives for each food category to ensure guilt-free, sustainable shopping!

How Our Choices Affect the Environment

Seasonal Food Guide

Exploring Meatless Alternatives

Compost Checklist (According to the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition)

Coming Soon: Detailed guides for the food groups below!







Guaranteed Green Certification

Consumers have purchasing power that’s as big as their values and commitments. Our Guaranteed Green Certification program helps them identify and support restaurants, caterers and other foodservice operations that have achieved a high level of environmental sustainability.

It also gives Guaranteed Green locations visibility in print media throughout Chicago’s airports, hotels city-wide, and on websites including Chicago’s official city tourism site.

Any licensed foodservice establishment can become Guaranteed Green Certified—by reaching standards in the areas of sustainable food purchasing, environmentally preferable cleaning products, disposables and furnishings, as well management of energy, water and waste.

Certification may be attained through one of two independent, national non-profits that have created comprehensive environmental standards for the foodservice industry: The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) or Green Seal. These resources will help you decide which to use.



Sustainability Assistance Program

This three-month educational program is designed to help your business a) incorporate sustainable practices into your foodservice operations and b) ultimately prepare to qualify for Guaranteed Green Certification. It covers energy and water conservation, environmental third-party certifications, sustainable and humane food options, environmental labeling and other sustainability related issues.

The Help We Provide:

  • Assessing your operation’s current practice

  • Assisting operators in achieving predefined goals

  • Designing a sustainability plan

The Benefits:

  • Helps foodservice industry members make well-informed, conservation-minded choices

  • Our network of 200+ foodservice locations and 25+ suppliers of green products and services

  • Participants give back to their communities by offering environmentally responsible dining options and contributing to resource conservation in their areas

  • Reducing energy consumption, natural resource and water use, and waste output, which minimizes their environmental footprint and helps make a cleaner, healthier planet